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Only Half of the IT Team is Valuable

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By Jessica Carroll 

The Cultural Divide of Bimodal IT

The bimodal model also has impact on the morale of the IT team as a whole and will restrict recruiting efforts. In a Forbes article2 by fellow Institute for Digital Transformation fellow Jason Bloomberg describing the effects of bimodal where mode 1 is legacy support and mode 2 is innovative project work, Justin Vaughan-Brown, global digital transformation lead for CA Technologiesnow Director of Product Marketing at AppDynamics, describes it this way: “If I was explaining the two bimodal descriptions at an IT conference and I asked ‘Who would prefer to be a member of a mode 2 team?’, I estimate more than 90 percent of hands would go up, with 10 perce-nt or less opting for mode 1 when asked.” He says, “This is goes at the heart of the bimodal IT issue, as recruitment of the smartest and most dynamic brains into mode 1 could well be a challenge going forward.”

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