12 days ago

Mushroom Networks: SD-WAN with VNF Support for the Service Provider Channel

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An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief

As with the other SD-WAN vendors in this exploding market, Mushroom Networks gives customers the ability to configure, prioritize, and manage wide-area network connections among geographically distributed locations, and between those locations and cloud services.

Where Mushroom Networks diverges from the SD-WAN pack, however, is how it supports its telecom service provider channel. It creates overlay tunnels that combine and abstract different network technologies including MPLS, broadband, and 3G or 4G LTE mobile. These tunnels provide application-centric, packet-level load balancing.

What differentiates these overlay tunnels, however, is the fact that Mushroom Networks delivers them as Virtual Network Functions (VNFs). This capability gives service providers the ability to create complex custom SD-WAN offerings for specialized purposes, like optimized Voice-over-IP (VoIP) or video over mobile networks. The latter offering, for example, allows end-customers to replace satellite video uplinks with far less expensive gear.

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