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Ten Minutes More On VPEC-T

Link: http://blog.foundin.design/2017/03/ten-minutes-more-on-vpec-t.html

Further to my recent post on LinkedIn VPEC-T: A Ten Minute How To Guide, below are a few slides on preparing the audience for a VPEC-T workshop.
In this real example, the exam question for a Hong Kong Chinese Energy firm was:  

“Can we use a U.S. based SaaS provider without breaking the law or creating trust issues with our customers?”

The answer turned out to be “yes we can”, and a solution design followed this discussion that simply anonymized customer data sent to the SaaS platform, and de-anonymized on the way back.VPEC-T thinking helped the team come up with this novel solution (compared to other customers of this SaaS platform, according to the provider).


 This cartoon originally appeared in an editorial about VPEC-T ComputerWorld Norway 


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