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The pathway to digital transformation runs through IT

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Organizations often discuss digital transformation as an abstract business concept, but a successful transformational journey almost always starts in IT, says BMC CIO Scott Crowder

When Scott Crowder joined BMC as its vice president of infrastructure and operations in 2011, he felt like he had stepped back in time. While he knew BMC’s products to be world class, the data center and other technologies running this world-class operation seemed more like they belonged in a museum.

Thus started a transformational journey that began in earnest with Crowder’s appointment as BMC’s CIO in 2014. He had already begun the transformation of the data center in his first role, but upon taking the reins as CIO, he knew he had the opportunity to reshape the IT landscape from the ground up.

“Even though I had been a BMC customer for years and knew it built world-class products, it was like the proverbial cobbler’s son. I inherited a huge mess and knew that we needed to transform everything,” Crowder explained.

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Disclosure: As of the time of writing, Riverbed and Microsoft are Intellyx customers. None of the other organizations mentioned in this article are Intellyx customers. Image credit: ThinkStock.