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Cyphort – Combining Machine Learning and Behavioral Analysis to Find and Mitigate Advanced Threats

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An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief

Cyphort considers itself the ‘anti-SIEM’ (Security Information and Event Management) because it finds and mitigates threats that bypass traditional SIEM products.

Many of today’s SIEM products are complex, expensive, generate excessive numbers of alerts, and fail to identify or mitigate advanced threats.

To address these issues, Cyphort leverages machine learning as well as big data approaches to analyzing behavioral data and information from various tools across the IT environment.  As a result, it is able to identify and isolate infected endpoints.

Furthermore, Cyphort works across the Cyber Kill Chain, identifying threats at the point of infiltration, during lateral movement, and when malware seeks to establish command and control links.

Once it identifies such a threat, Cyphort provides ‘one-touch threat mitigation’ that automatically updates policies of security tools to respond to the current threat and strengthen tools against future attacks.

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