3 years, 6 months ago

The TOGAF Hugger Muggery

Link: http://www.etc-architect.com/?p=844

After I did a TOGAF review many years ago long before you you could certified I looked for some recent ones just to find that it is impossible to do so by the license terms and that all I contacted told me off. Actually TOGAF today is a closed or secretive system where you either need to be member or you get a glimpse with heavy restrictions. Now with proprietary frameworks you can still review them if in a review you publish less than a certain amount and never more than a sentence as an example, but when you look at TOGAF their intellectual property protection is  more in line with what I see with scientology or some free mason groups.

Once you address concerns you are told to become a member and address all things within the system of the so called open group. However the lack of transparency and the secretive way business is conducted together with a strict secrecy mentality points more to a secretive cult than an open group. All frameworks that truly promote architecture need to be arrived in an transparent scientific process with peer review and the possibility for comments. A commercial concept is found at ISO norms where the intellectual property is protected, but where I as an reviewer can still comment about logical errors. So for the sake of a functional architecture community I am calling to stop the TOGAF Hugger Muggery

and either make it open and then treat it i a transparent and open way or put it on a proper commercial base, but stop this secretive cult behaviour.

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