3 years, 4 months ago

IT is the Business

Link: http://www.etc-architect.com/?p=860

Often we and others talk in a way that there is IT and there is the Business. As such we have the IT Architect and the Business Architect. The really funny thing is that those who describe the themselves as Business Architects then cut down the Business to processes  and keep all technical aspects external. So in a chemical company the maintenance cycles and the production planning are seen as Business, but not the actual chemistry.

However comic value is never only created by a process without technical knowledge.The same is true for for IT where you have areas driven highly by processes and others by technology. As such we have process versus technical, as most departments (maybe with HR an exception) have specific technical knowledge. So calling yourself an finance architect is fine as long as you understand IFRS and US-GAAP or as risk architect understand the processes and the math (both deterministic and stochastic (e.g. required for VaR)). You can however also call yourself a process architect being familiar with all the processes , but that in terms does not make you an expert in the technical aspect of all business functions.

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