3 years, 4 months ago

Customary right on data

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You may be aware of the right by custom in common law. Funny enough the same also implies on data or IT custom, as a business function that has nothing to do with the subject traditionally will claim an ownership. This is even more common in public service where there are departments that only survive because of customary ownership of data, such as an department that calculated a certain tax for 700 years with the abacus is still the data ownership even if the work is done with computers. Often courts will enforce this as there are still many judiciary functions that also only exist because of customary rights.

This existence justification on customary rights however is something more and more common as we enter the fully digital revolution, as this time jobs will actually be shed and not just moved. With ERP the jobs that were eliminated in data entry or retying usually were created in more qualified jobs which was non threatening for the better educated higher management. But now we are often entering rationalisation in medium to high income (investment banker) areas where the smarter people are losing their jobs. As such we as architects as bringer of full digitalisation will be confronted more with customary rights once highly qualified people struggle to find new jobs.

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