3 years, 5 months ago

Medicated toilet tissue

Link: http://www.etc-architect.com/?p=919

I am unsure if you know this toilet tissue so beloved by my grandparents as it is quite coarse and has the texture of newspaper. It is actually one of the reasons I have stayed away from hospitals all these years. Funny enough it was labeled medical since 90 years ago it was the first splinter free toilet tissue. As an anecdote in WWII British soldiers got 3 sheets of this tissue, while American soldiers got 22 sheets (just make you own remark).

The important thing however is that while there are many people saying never to stop a running system, exactly the same people will lose over time. It is true as an individual when you stop innovation you will survive pretty well, but as a company this will only work in a static reference. The trick however is that in a successful company you need lots of people blocking , while at the same time you require some innovators to fight on new ideas.

As architects we are usually expected to be part of the idea generating minority, but sadly if we instead try to be part of just another layer of governance architecture functions are often marginalised up to the point of non existence. So it is important to remember that architects always need to be think outside of the system as this ultimately one of the core but never documented requirements, as you never document deliberate tension structures in an organisation, even if the organisation will not survive without that tension.

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