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CEAN: EA as a complex adaptive system

This podcast was part of the system thinking series I did eight years ago   Related Post Too old Architects as Alchemists Base rate fallacy CEAN: Basic BA – Financial Planning & A…

11 days ago

Hidden operations

We all know that part of our work is done using semantics (both natural and artificial) and intrinsic processing. This does not only lead to the individual, but also to group intrinsic non semantic processing as we do not only communicate via semantics. These non semantic operations often create a problem for architects and business … Continue reading Hidden operations

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When we are looking to accounting we find comparability as one the most important design principles. In other areas we usually use standards such as ISO to promote comparability. However an area where comparability is key, but where it is not really used is within business analysis and design. These areas however are however where … Continue reading Comparability

25 days ago


User error has many synonyms such as layer 8 error or error 18 indicating that the problem is 18 inches away from the computer. I personally still prefer PICNIC (Problem In Chair, Not In Computer), as it is the easiest to remember. For me user error is a fact of life and as architects we … Continue reading PICNIC

28 days ago

CEAN: Close System Thinking

Close System Thinking is something off a primer for EA Related Post The logical problem of security architecture The importance of open-mindness in architecture. CEAN: Basic BA – Sales 4 CEAN: Leadership

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CEAN: Clean EA

Let us talk clean EA   Related Post CEAN Good reasons to avoid social media The tool trap Is impatience good or bad being an architect The problem with most global Business & Appli…