5 days ago

CEAN: Different kind of business

An ever interesting podcast on the theme what we mean when we talk about the business  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B91hUBf4y2-gS0VsVkRWaE5LVGM     Related Post On stupidity – Common Data Architecture CEAN: Basic BA – Education 1 On stupidity – Follow analysts and take thin… CEAN: 8 Ways of system thinking

12 days ago

CEAN: Business Frameworks

A rerun on an old episode, but still very valid  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B91hUBf4y2-gT19ITFY4MjVoVzg   Related Post On Stupidity – Patents CEAN: Basic BA R2R 1 On Stupidity – Industrialisation Over-confidence, Over-Precision and Over-placement

15 days ago


Today I like to talk about the parenthesis in term of rhetoric not the moth called ‘Lecithocera parenthesis’. Parenthesis is an explanatory or qualifying word in a passage or statement, as I have just attempted in the first sentence. I most modern writing qualification of a statement often only happens in the second or third … Continue reading Parenthesis

19 days ago

CEAN: The business case

And another reun of the podcast, this time on creating a business case at https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B91hUBf4y2-gUTI2TFR3ZG14WUk  Happy lisening.   Related Post CEAN: Basic BA – Education 2 CEAN: Back to batch CEAN: Logistics The logical problem of security architecture

22 days ago

The power of giving up

In architecture we sometimes confronted by wicked problems or other problems that are unsolvable by traditional means, such as with the wicked where you can first formulate the answer after you have implemented the solution. Additional creativity often works best if you remove the pressure, often you see this with writers block. Traditional management and … Continue reading The power of giving up

26 days ago

CEAN: Budgeting 2

And another episode required if you work as an EA at https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B91hUBf4y2-gNmZYZTZMRFk0YzQ Enjoy listening Related Post The missing logic with architects On Stupidity – HCM CEAN: Basic BA – Customer Contact 2 Resoluti… CEAN: Basic BA R2R 1

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CEAN: Budgeting 1

Something you will need to know sir https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B91hUBf4y2-gNG92UTdLNVlzWmM   Related Post Looking good CEAN: Basic BA – Supply Chain 2 Psychological Impact of Solution Architecture Is impatience good or bad being an architect

1 month, 8 days ago

The life force robing nature of deadwood

If you are like me you will want to deliver something early in a project mainly to prove yourself to yourself that you have not become deadwood. Deadwood has a tendency to get in all areas of projects or work without clear processes. Usually consultants that are representing the deadwood make some really good suggestions, … Continue reading The life force robing nature of deadwood

1 month, 12 days ago

CEAN: Leadership

Let us talk leadership in  a slightly different way https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B91hUBf4y2-gNEQzMEY1Z3IyU28   Related Post CEAN: Basic BA – Telecom 1 CEAN: What do I do if my company uses me as a solu… Algorithmic business CEAN: Basic BA – Real Estate