5 years, 8 days ago

The bucket-list – a keyword-schema

I’ll admit it: there’s an awful lot of stuff on this website of mine. And there are so many tools and suchlike here that it can be difficult to find one’s way around, or to work out which tools to

5 years, 9 days ago

The bucket-list – changing direction

I’ve given up on enterprise-architecture. Why? Several reasons, really. The main one is that, even now, enterprise-architecture still isn’t enterprise architecture – and there are still massive vested-interests against its ever being so. Its literal meaning should be ‘the architecture of the enterprise‘;

6 years, 9 months ago

So Long but Not Goodbye

It is never easy to write a Goodbye.  Today is my last day as a full-time employee at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. I spent the majority of my career here, 23 years (including a short two year break to the UAE)! I started as an Intermediate Systems Analyst coding data integration between our then […]

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6 years, 9 months ago

My New EA Opportunity

I am taking on a new opportunity on Sept 14, 2015 that gets me back to working on Enterprise Architecture! After 23 years working in higher education IT, I decided to accept an opportunity to work for the City of Vancouver Information Technology Department. I am really honoured to be selected as the Senior Manager, Technology […]

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