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八位厂商在IBM生态系统中行驶中断 (Eight Vendors Driving Disruption In The IBM Ecosystem)

By Data Market Atman 在本周的互连会议上,提供了其生态系统的独立软件厂商(ISV)和咨询合作伙伴的机会,展示了他们的产品是如何集成或支持各产品对蓝色大的广泛产品线的影响。 由于我关注的是数字化转型,我寻求在秀场上最有颠覆性的故事。我所具备的ISV可以分为两个阵营:利用IBM沃森公司将其固有的破坏带给企业的供应商以及支持IBM客户自身中断的供应商。 Read the entire article at http://datamarket.atman360.com/89143

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福布斯聚焦 InterConnect大会:IBM全力押注云、人工智能与区块链

By Mandy 罗睿兰抛出筛子 IBM董事长、总裁及首席执行官罗睿兰(Ginni Rometty)在主题演讲中介绍了IBM的策略。“IBM云是新时代的业务平台,”罗睿兰讲到。 IBM云把基于开源项目云端铸造场(Cloud Foundry)的BlueMix平台即服务(PaaS)环境与IBM的公开基础设施即服务(IaaS)云SoftLayer结合了起来。 Read the entire article at http://www.gongxiangcj.com/show-22-3326-1.html

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Smart Apps for the Enterprise – Mendix World 2016 keynote

Last years Mendix World was centered around Smart Apps. It was the best conference of the year. At least in my opinion, I might be biased… The conference had a great speaker line-up, including keynotes from Geoffrey Moore, Simon Wardley, and Adrian Cockcroft. All slides and videos can be found here. I had the honor to announce Mendix 7, our latest major release. I explored the topic of Smart Apps.

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The Cloud: What’s UNIX® Got to Do With It?

By The Open Group Cloud computing has come of age and is the solution of choice for CIOs looking to maximize use of resources while minimizing capital spend.[1] Cloud solutions, whether it is infrastructure, platform or service, have the appeal … Continue reading

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How MDD brings business relevance to the PaaS space

It seems that we have past the top of the hype around Platform-as-a-Service. A good moment to assess how serious the adoption of PaaS is in the enterprise. The different PaaS flavours It’s a while ago that I tried to structure and categorize the different cloud approaches to clarify the different types of “cloud” that we see in todays market.  I distinguished among 3 layers of Platform-as-a-Service (and some more layers that.

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