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Smart Apps for the Enterprise – Mendix World 2016 keynote

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Last years Mendix World was centered around Smart Apps. It was the best conference of the year. At least in my opinion, I might be biased… The conference had a great speaker line-up, including keynotes from Geoffrey Moore, Simon Wardley, and Adrian Cockcroft. All slides and videos can be found here.

I had the honor to announce Mendix 7, our latest major release. I explored the topic of Smart Apps and how Mendix 7 is the fastest and easiest way to build them. Over the past decade, business applications have evolved significantly, from web to mobile to multi-channel apps. Despite these advancements, applications remained passive, awaiting input from users.

In the mean time Internet-of-Things (IoT), big data and machine learning technologies are shaping the next generation of business applications. These Smart Apps power innovative digital enterprises by being:

  • Intelligent: They make recommendations and guide users to take the next best action
  • Proactive: They predict what’s likely to happen and trigger workflows telling users what to do when
  • Context-aware: They’re personalized, aware of users’ location and embedded in their processes

However, it’s complex to build smart apps today. Therefore we have created a model-driven layer on top of best-in-class IoT, big data and machine learning services. See below for the full keynote video, including live demo’s featuring a toy plane (that was a first!):

Mendix 7 is now available to everyone, see the recent update here.

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