9 hours ago

Ireland – a Burgeoning Hub for Architectural Excellence

Tuesday, we shared an article in A&G about how Ireland is a “Centre of Excellence,” where several leading IT architects and technologists are bringing a cutting-edge business technology approach to Ireland, literally architecting the country’s [……


Tech Odyssey Unleashed: Igniting the Power of AI in the Realm of IT Architecture

By Eva Jaidan, PhD, Lead Data Scientist – AI & Analytics, MEGA International In the vast landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), especially with the advent of Deep Learning technology, a seismic shift is underway. The […]

2 days ago

Ireland as a Center of Excellence for Business Technology Architecture, Architecting Ireland’s Digital Future

By David Jones, IASA Ireland, Head European Enterprise Applications, Canada Life Europe (IASA CITA-D); Mark Greville, IASA Ireland, VP of Architecture, Workhuman (IASA CITA-D); Gar MacCriosta, IASA Ireland, Digital Advisor, HSE (IASA CITA-D); and Leo […

One week ago

IRS Selects Rajiv Uppal as New Chief Information Officer; Technologist Will Assist with Ongoing Transformation Work

The Internal Revenue Service has announced that Rajiv Uppal has been selected to be the next chief information officer and assist with the tax agency’s transformation work. Uppal currently serves as the Director of the […]