4 days ago

New Research Suggests Architectural Technical Debt Is Most Damaging to Applications Amid $1.52 Trillion Technical Debt Crisis

As enterprises confront the staggering $1.52 trillion in software technical debt, a new study reveals that architectural technical debt (ATD) has emerged as the most formidable challenge. The research titled, “Microservices, Monoliths, and the Battle A…

20 days ago

Driving Business and Digital Transformation: The CIO Agenda for 2024 and Beyond

By Vipin Jain Business transformation is a comprehensive process that aims to enhance overall business performance by increasing revenue, reducing operating costs, improving customer satisfaction, and boosting workforce productivity. It involves strate…

1 month, 4 days ago

Why Capability-Based IT Investments Planning Doesn’t Work for Enterprises Today, and What Are the Options

By Prakash Mazhuvancherry What is Capability-based Planning? Capability-based Planning has been around for long in the world of Enterprise Architecture (EA), and often finds a mention in leading EA frameworks. At its core is the […]

1 month, 9 days ago

Enterprise Architects and their Emerging Role in Futuristic Cities

By Malahat Qureshi, Chief Enterprise Architect The City of Neom, a beacon of modern architecture and technological innovation, stands as a testament to the value that enterprise architects can bring to urban development.  As enterprise architects, we p…