3 days ago

AI Adoption Projects Are ‘Investment Roulette’ as Fear of Missing Out Drives Flawed Decisions

Ardoq, a SaaS company focused on “helping enterprises successfully navigate digital transformation,” recently announced new research revealing the trial-and-error state of emerging technology adoption. The ‘Emerging Technology Adoption 2024…

4 days ago

Toward a Standardized Security Reference Architecture for SMBs and Small Governments

By John Linford, Security Portfolio Forum Director, The Open Group & Michelle Horrobin, Digital Portfolio Director, The Open Group

As has become evident in recent years and even months, modern organizations offer new products which are, more and more, dependent on digital components, and need to be secure to avoid falling victim to increasingly sophisticated and increasingly frequent cyber attacks. On top of having organizational, internal reasons for improving their security posture, these organizations also must keep up with increasing scrutiny and compliance requirements from governments and regulatory agencies, as well as customers and partners. Consequently, not only might a successful cyber attack leave an organization unable to operate, but it might also result in media backlash and fines and judgements for breaches and violations for the organization.

5 days ago

Unveiling the 2024 Enterprise Architecture trends report!

In the last few years, we’ve seen extraordinary changes in technology with the rise of generative AI. As a result of health emergencies, conflict, and extreme weather, supply chains have been interrupted. Costs have been rising across the economy. It’s clear that now, more than ever, organizations must be able to adapt and innovate. Each…

6 days ago

Congratulations to the Outstanding Contribution Award Winners for The Open Group OSDU® Forum, Edinburgh, April 2024

By Ash Patel – CDMP, Marketing Specialist, The Open Group

During The Open Group Edinburgh Summit in April 2024, Patrick Kelly, Product Line Manager Subsurface Data & Insights, Chevron, and Jane McConnell, Spinning Yarns, The Open Group OSDU® Forum Vice Chair, along with Dennis Stevens, OSDU Forum Program Director, The Open Group, proudly announced the winners of The Open Group OSDU Forum Awards. The awards were hosted by Daniel Bachmann, ExxonMobil.

One week ago

Why Capability-Based IT Investments Planning Doesn’t Work for Enterprises Today, and What Are the Options

By Prakash Mazhuvancherry What is Capability-based Planning? Capability-based Planning has been around for long in the world of Enterprise Architecture (EA), and often finds a mention in leading EA frameworks. At its core is the […]