4 days ago

The Dashboard Never Lies

The lie detector (aka #polygraph) is back in the news. The name polygraph is based on the fact that the device can record and display several things at once. Like a dashboard.In the 1920s, a young American physiologist named John Larson devised a vers…

4 days ago

Dark Data

At @imperialcollege this week to hear Professor David Hand talk about his new book on Dark Data.Some people define dark data as unanalysed data, data you have but are not able to use, and this is the definition that can be found on Wikipedia. The earli…

One week ago

Belief #7 Best architectures keep together what is common and separate what is not

Have you ever wondered, what the grand old principle of separating concerns really means? There are many concerns! Yet in our mind separating concerns is imperative for creating simple and flexible architectures. Let’s have a look at the following example: Someone in my organisation suggest that we solve our data sourcing problems by having all…

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15 days ago

The Open Group San Antonio 2020 – Event Highlights

The Open Group hosted its latest event at the Marriott Riverwalk in the lively city of San Antonio, Texas. On January 27 – 30, we welcomed attendees from across the globe – including decision-makers, Enterprise Architects, Data Scientists, engineers, technologists, and end-users representing many businesses and governments – to explore how organizations can utilize their growing volume of data effectively and securely as part of a digital transformation program.