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Belief #6 Best architectures are contextual

Have you ever been told that you could save a lot of time and discussion if you adopted a standard and then safeguarded it with no customisations? The rationale behind the statement is typically that you should not invent it yourself when there is a well-recognized international standard. However, we have more than once experienced…

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Mastering Chaos for IT Managers Through the IT4IT™ Standard

From cloud computing and big data, to the Internet of Things and digital product delivery, the nature of IT has changed dramatically. As a result, today’s IT departments are under enormous pressure to help organizations remain competitive throughout the digitalization process. Traditionally, IT departments have not been built to focus on  development, and are not yet agile enough to handle a business environment that must constantly adapt to an ever-evolving marketplace.

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Becoming a Better PM – Time Management

As I discussed in my previous article self management is a key competency of a good project manager, and time management is a significant part of self management. Time management is important for everyone. As I have taken up more senior roles,  I’ve found that I’ve needed it more and more – when I was […]

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Enabling a Smarter DevOps Culture with the IT4IT™ Standard

The delivery of IT services to the business has changed significantly in recent times. Largely driven by the consumerization of IT, DevOps is being charged with linking development and operation teams to improve the quality and speed of delivering new offerings to consumers.This shift is being facilitated by the rapidly changing digital landscape and the increased demand for new products and services.