5 days ago

The Open FAIR™ Body of Knowledge: Gaining Awareness and Adoption Internationally

By Jim Hietala, VP of Security and Business Development, The Open Group and John Linford, Forum Director, Security and Open Trusted Technology Forums, The Open Group.

Open FAIR has seen rapid and extensive adoption in the US, where it has become the defacto standard for quantifying cybersecurity risk. We at The Open Group are encouraged that Open FAIR awareness and adoption are also increasing globally, and we’ve also seen some increased usage outside of the traditional IT risk quantification area. Some interesting recent developments on increased Open FAIR use and adoption outside of the US, and outside of the IT area include:

10 days ago

ZiRA, the Dutch Hospital Reference Architecture, a Tool to Address a Worldwide Need

By James Griffith (NTT DATA Services), Jason Lee (The Open Group), Gerda Meijboom (Nicitz), Michael van der Zell (Groningen University Medical Center)

What comes to mind when you think of the Netherlands? For many it may be a field of vividly colorful tulips.  Others may conjure images of historic windmills. An appreciator of the arts may recall the elegant line work and beautiful paintings of Rembrandt Van Rijn. Others may think of the capital city, Amsterdam, or the food and beer exported worldwide. Perhaps in time, some will come to associate innovative healthcare with the Netherlands. 

12 days ago

Bizzdesign and Main Sealed a Growth Partnership

Today, we are honored and excited to announce a new external investor in Bizzdesign: Main Capital Partners (“Main”). With a keen focus on investing in B2B SaaS companies, we’re confident that Main is a natural fit to help us accelerate our strategic growth strategy. With Main by our side, we can further sharpen our focus…

19 days ago

How One Shift in Perspective Can Make Solution Architects Faster and More Effective

Being a solution architect is simultaneously one of the most fulfilling and challenging positions in the software development lifecycle. You serve as the bridge that connects everything together. You must champion customer expectations, acknowledge and support the development team’s needs, and be aware of overarching enterprise architectures and strategies. Sure, that sounds easy. You are…