5 days ago

Leading Through Turbulent Times

This Advisor enumerates classic leadership mistakes made in turbulent times: approaches and behaviors that are easily fallen into but must be avoided. It also provides guidance on what leaders can do instead to adapt to this turbulence.

8 days ago

Prioritizing & Elevating Women of Color

Linda A. Patterson talks about the strength that women of color possess that “stems from endurance, perseverance, and survivorship.” Given their many roles in the workplace, home, and community, women of color excel at managing, creating, innovating, s…

8 days ago

How Culture Drives Equity & Equality

Eli Doster shares that having a broken culture was not only terrible for staff at his company, it was also costly and had a negative impact on business. Five years ago, the company lacked values employees could believe in, which affected their decision…

8 days ago

Moving Beyond Check-the-Box Global Diversity Policies

David S. Lee “offers an on-the-ground perspective of how diversity policies encounter issues once they leave home shores.” He examines the construction of diversity policies along with relocation issues that come up and provides ways to enhance diversi…