Executives Over Estimate DevOps Maturity

2017 is the year of DevOps! The team here at Forrester is seeing this momentum grow every day with increased inquiries, solution proliferation and a growing number of calls from executives on scaling from DevOps pilots to the enterprise. Enterprises ar…

3 days ago

CEAN: Disruption

Since many talk about disruption and few know what it means here are my 5 cents   Related Post CEAN: Basic BA – Customer Contact 2 Resoluti… PICNIC IT is the Business CEAN: Basic BA – Telecom 2

4 days ago

Lacking Smart Third-Party Risk Regulation, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, And American Express Create Company, TruSight

  The third-party ecosystem continues to flummox risk managers. Regulators keep pushing for stronger oversight, but they fail to offer real standards or tools to make this possible. What’s worse, technology and service providers  have only h…