Looking Ahead in 2018

Steve Nunn, President and CEO of The Open Group, reflects back on 2017 and looks forward to 2018. Topics include: The Open Group Open Process Automation Forum™, The Open Group SOSA™ Consortium, TOGAF® 9.1 certifications, The Open Group Open Badges program, Digital Practitioners Work Group, Enterprise Architecture for Governments, upcoming events, and much more!


Agency Layoffs Or Agency Calibration?

Layoffs Are A Reality Of The Agency Business Each January the industry weathers account losses, budget cuts or contract changes that result in  layoffs. Last week four agencies announced post-Holiday staff reductions: Grey Group reduced 2.2% of staff. …

3 days ago

What’s the point of an architecture framework?

A simple overview of why enterprise architecture frameworks are importantArchitecture frameworks have always been a subject for heated debate…. which is probably healthy as it helps architects to expand the potential for enterprise architecture! …

6 days ago

API First with Apiary and API Platform

Just a quick post to let people know about this great demo of creating and deploying API’s using the Oracle API Platform. Nothing like a demo to drive home how you can get started on your API First Strategy!

Check out the video with Vikas Anand and Jakub Nesetril demoing the platform: Click here.

Of course you can also check out my recent post on this same topic: Click here



One week ago

Using EA for Business Agility

Taking Immediate Action with Enterprise Architecture initiatives Introduction Enterprise Architecture will enable Business Agility, increase flexibility and the long-term viability of an organisation. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that Business Agility is the same as Agile software development. Business Agility doesn’t come from using Agile for software development. They are two different concepts. […]

One week ago

The Open Group January Event To Take Place in San Diego

The Open Group, the vendor-neutral technology consortium, is hosting its upcoming event in San Diego, California, January 29 – February 1, 2018. The Open Group San Diego 2018 will focus on the Value of Reference Architecture, bringing together vendors and end-user organizations to discuss how to implement digital and global business models.

One week ago

The Digital Future: Services Oriented Architecture and Mass Customization, Part 4

From Previous PartsPart 1 discussed the four ages of mankind.  The first was the Age of Speech; for the first time humans could “learn by listening” rather than “learn by doing”; that is, data could be accumulated, communicated, and stored by verb…