25 days ago

Congratulations to the Award Winners of The Open Group President’s Awards 2024

By Ash Patel – CDMP, Marketing Specialist, The Open Group

During The Open Group Edinburgh Summit in April 2024, Steve Nunn, President and CEO, The Open Group, proudly announced the winners of the President’s Awards.

This included Marc Lankhorst for ‘Most Valuable Contributor for an Individual’ and RTX (accepted by Rolf Siegers) for ‘Most Valuable Contribution as an Organization’.

1 month, 1 day ago

Securing Vendor Relationships: The Crucial Role of Third-Party Audit

Guest submission by: Nazy Fouladirad, President and COO of Tevora, a global leading cybersecurity consultancy.

Many modern companies grow their operations by working with remote teams and cloud-based systems. However, as cybersecurity threats are growing and data protection laws are becoming more strict, data security, in particular with third-party entities, is of utmost importance.

Third-party audits verify vendor practices align with security and regulatory requirements to protect sensitive information. As businesses navigate their digital transformations, these audits strengthen vendor relationships while ensuring data integrity for everyone.

1 month, 8 days ago

Toward a Standardized Security Reference Architecture for SMBs and Small Governments

By John Linford, Security Portfolio Forum Director, The Open Group & Michelle Horrobin, Digital Portfolio Director, The Open Group

As has become evident in recent years and even months, modern organizations offer new products which are, more and more, dependent on digital components, and need to be secure to avoid falling victim to increasingly sophisticated and increasingly frequent cyber attacks. On top of having organizational, internal reasons for improving their security posture, these organizations also must keep up with increasing scrutiny and compliance requirements from governments and regulatory agencies, as well as customers and partners. Consequently, not only might a successful cyber attack leave an organization unable to operate, but it might also result in media backlash and fines and judgements for breaches and violations for the organization.

1 month, 10 days ago

Congratulations to the Outstanding Contribution Award Winners for The Open Group OSDU® Forum, Edinburgh, April 2024

By Ash Patel – CDMP, Marketing Specialist, The Open Group

During The Open Group Edinburgh Summit in April 2024, Patrick Kelly, Product Line Manager Subsurface Data & Insights, Chevron, and Jane McConnell, Spinning Yarns, The Open Group OSDU® Forum Vice Chair, along with Dennis Stevens, OSDU Forum Program Director, The Open Group, proudly announced the winners of The Open Group OSDU Forum Awards. The awards were hosted by Daniel Bachmann, ExxonMobil.

1 month, 15 days ago

Ecosystems Architecture: New Thinking for Practitioners in the Age of AI Part 1: Where It All Began

By Ash Patel, Marketing Specialist, The Open Group

Recently we sat down with some of the authors of the game changing book titled ‘Ecosystems Architecture: New Thinking for Practitioners in the Age of AI’, to discuss the conception of the book and where it all began. The full interview can be found below involving Paul Homan and Rahul talking in depth about the beginnings of the book, as co-authors along with Phil Tetlow and Neal Fishman, of the Ecosystems Architecture: New Thinking for Practitioners in the Age of AI book.

1 month, 23 days ago

The Open Group Summit – Events Highlights Ecosystems Architecture & AI Standards, Edinburgh, UK, April 22-25, 2024

By Ash Patel, Marketing Specialist, The Open Group

The recent Summit of The Open Group in Edinburgh featured a vast variety of leading subject matter experts, keynote speakers, Forum Members, Work Groups, and Consortia, who came together to start a conversation involving the following themes: Ecosystems Architecture & AI Standards, Sustainability / Enterprise Architecture / Digital Transformation, and much more. There were over 425 attendees from 30 countries!

2 months, 6 days ago

Celebrating 15 Years of the ArchiMate® Modeling Language: A Milestone in Enterprise Architecture

By Kelly Canon, ArchiMate® Forum Director, The Open Group, with contributions from Andrew Josey, VP, Standards & Certification, The Open Group

Originally developed in the period 2002-2004 by a group of organizations and institutions in the Netherlands led by the Telematica Instituut, the ArchiMate® Modeling Language was created for Enterprise Architects by Enterprise Architects with the goal of a common language for modeling an enterprise.

2 months, 7 days ago

Value-Based Architecture for Healthcare

The Open Group® Healthcare Forum is now working on a Snapshot of what is intended to become its Value-Based Architecture™ or O-VBA™ for Healthcare standard.  The standard will offer Enterprise Architects working in healthcare delivery settings a reusable, extensible, and scalable tool for continuously improving the value and efficiency of patient-centered care.  It will apply to all medical specialties and clinical ecosystems.  Architects will be able to use the O-VBA for Healthcare standard to help create and sustain value-based healthcare systems. 

2 months, 8 days ago

Improving Return on Security Investment: Threat Modeling and The Open Group Open FAIR™ Risk Analysis as a KPI for Agile Projects

The first three posts of this series have laid plain the need to supplement ongoing threat modeling activities with quantitative risk analysis, such as the process described in The Open Group Open FAIR™ Body of Knowledge. They’ve briefly discussed a way to incorporate Open FAIR Risk Analysis in the threat modeling process and illustrate how the results would improve return on security investment by deliberately selecting cost-effective combinations of controls. But questions remain:

2 months, 15 days ago

Art of Abstraction for Enterprise Architects: Inspired by Pablo Picasso’s ‘The Bull’

By Rajen Patel, Enterprise Architect, SAP. “See the essence under the dust of complexity.”

One might not instantly connect the realms of abstract art and Enterprise Architecture, but Picasso’s approach to abstraction presents a powerful model for simplifying and focusing on complex business structures.

2 months, 22 days ago

Improving Return on Security Investment: Estimating the Impact of Mitigations

By Simone Curzi, Principal Consultant, Microsoft; John Linford, Security Portfolio Forum Director, The Open Group; Dan Riley, Vice President & Distinguished Engineer Data Science, Kyndryl; Ken St. Cyr, Sr. Cybersecurity Architect, Microsoft

Understanding the risks present in the system you are developing is important, but it is even more important to determine mitigation actions. Activities like threat modeling can help with identifying your options, but they are usually too numerous and too expensive. What should you really do? And would the residual risk be acceptable afterwards?