One week ago

Ardoq and the UK Government: Driving Public Sector Technology Transformation

Governments are under constant and intense pressure to keep costs low while delivering quality services to their citizens. To maximize their efforts, government organizations must be strict, and public sector technology decisions must ensure t…

8 days ago

Introducing The Forrester Wave™: Workday Services, Q2 2024

In our 25-criterion evaluation of Workday services providers, we identified the most significant ones and researched, analyzed, and scored them. This blog introduces you to the report on how each provider measures up and helps enterprise technology lea…

8 days ago

Value-Based Architecture for Healthcare

The Open Group® Healthcare Forum is now working on a Snapshot of what is intended to become its Value-Based Architecture™ or O-VBA™ for Healthcare standard.  The standard will offer Enterprise Architects working in healthcare delivery settings a reusable, extensible, and scalable tool for continuously improving the value and efficiency of patient-centered care.  It will apply to all medical specialties and clinical ecosystems.  Architects will be able to use the O-VBA for Healthcare standard to help create and sustain value-based healthcare systems. 

9 days ago

Improving Return on Security Investment: Threat Modeling and The Open Group Open FAIR™ Risk Analysis as a KPI for Agile Projects

The first three posts of this series have laid plain the need to supplement ongoing threat modeling activities with quantitative risk analysis, such as the process described in The Open Group Open FAIR™ Body of Knowledge. They’ve briefly discussed a way to incorporate Open FAIR Risk Analysis in the threat modeling process and illustrate how the results would improve return on security investment by deliberately selecting cost-effective combinations of controls. But questions remain:

12 days ago

Upcoming BIL-T Conference Will Address ‘Navigating the Hype: Practical Strategies for Emerging Tech in Architecture’

Iasa Global, the world’s leading professional association for technology, business, and enterprise architects, will host a powerful new BIL-T Conference on May 16, which will address “Navigating the Hype: Practical Strategies for Emerging Tech in…