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CEAN: Disruption

Since many talk about disruption and few know what it means here are my 5 cents   Related Post CEAN: Basic BA – Customer Contact 2 Resoluti… PICNIC IT is the Business CEAN: Basic BA – Telecom 2

8 days ago

Lacking Smart Third-Party Risk Regulation, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, And American Express Create Company, TruSight

  The third-party ecosystem continues to flummox risk managers. Regulators keep pushing for stronger oversight, but they fail to offer real standards or tools to make this possible. What’s worse, technology and service providers  have only h…

9 days ago

5 Steps to Create Winning Enterprise Integration Strategy in the Digital Era

In the fast paced technology driven businesses, quick turnaround solutions like microservices often take the precedence over “planned” integration. This strategy, although in short term, provides for better business value, in the long run, creates unmanageable technical debt. As uncontrolled business debt erodes business’s ability to grow further, uncontrolled technical debt erodes IT department’s ability to fund future innovations. Although in many cases it’s an easiest approach to take, piecemeal achievements are short lived. Soon, IT teams find themselves lost in a sea of fragmented software gizmos.

9 days ago

Cum gran salis

The expression of the grain of salt dates back to the roman who used it to express many different meanings, it started its meaning as an anti-dote, then it was used to describe a powerful poison that only required a grain and finally it also described caution in general. Today you will hear that all … Continue reading Cum gran salis