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Towards a Sustainable Future

On September 25th, 2020, the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development turns five. The Agenda’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 targets demonstrate the scale and ambition of the universal Agenda, which centers around the following five overall themes: The interlinkages and integrated nature of the Sustainable Development Goals are of crucial importance in … Read more

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How Do Enterprise Architects Get Invited to the Decision Table?

Enterprise Architecture Means Business Perhaps it’s in the name – enterprise architecture. Maybe that’s what prevents business stakeholders from engaging in a more meaningful way with the EA team. Architecture summons images of systems design, technolo…

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What is Architecture Exactly?

In the past I’ve seen people present to me a list of technologies and tell me “Here’s the architecture of our solution.” But, in my opinion a solution architecture is no more a list of the technologies used than the architecture of a building is a list of the materials that it is made of. […]

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Open Trusted Technology Provider™ Standard (O-TTPS) Version 2.0 Update Project

The Open Group Open Trusted Technology Forum (OTTF) is pleased to announce that it is initiating a project to update the Open Trusted Technology Provider™ Standard (O-TTPS), a standard of The Open Group, Parts 1 and 2 to Version 2.0.  The O-TTPS V2.0 Update Project will seek to update Parts 1 and 2 of the O-TTPS to reflect learnings from organizations that have successfully certified products against the standards as well as the work done by government organizations in the area of supply chain security.

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The weight of the past

What’s the weight of the past? For me, right now, it’s about two tons. Literally. I moved back to Australia in mid-March of this year. Courtesy of the pandemic-lockdown, every part of my initial plans for the move were shredded,