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What are Business Capabilities & How to Identify them?

In the first instalment in this series, we gave an outline of the notion of ‘business capability’ and why it is so useful in strategy execution. But what exactly is this somewhat elusive concept and how do you define capabilities? As mentioned in that previous blog post, you need to understand and design what an…

1 month, 5 days ago

Improving Communication between Business and IT with Enterprise Architecture Information

Olga Lucia Salgado, a senior enterprise architect at a privately held manufacturing company, used to rely too much on Excel and SharePoint for enterprise architecture (EA) information. She and her team came to the conclusion that an EA tool was needed to help them mature and organize their information and analysis. After evaluating a number…

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Data as pictures?

Many people believe that data should provide a faithful representation or picture of the real world. While this is often a helpful simplification, it can sometimes mislead.Firstly, the picture theory isn’t very good at handling probability and uncertai…

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Up Your Architecture Game to ‘Change Expert’

Rather, digital transformation means transforming the organization from having less agility to having more agility. In other words, being able to deal better with change overall. Fundamentally, digital transformation requires that organizations adopt change itself as a core competency. Makes sense, except that the devil is in the details. What does it mean for change…

1 month, 21 days ago

The Open Group ‘Open Digital Standards’ Virtual Event July 19 – 21, 2021 – Highlights

Last week, our Open Digital Standards July 2021 event brought together vendors and end-user organizations from across the globe to discuss how the cross-industry development of open standards is helping businesses become digital-first. It was fantastic to have over 1,040 attendees from more than 90 countries gather virtually to discuss this critical roadmap to digital transformation.

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Why Business Capabilities Are Key in Business Architecture

Business CapabilitiesIn recent years, we have produced numerous blog posts, whitepapers, and webinars on the topic of business capabilities and capability-based planning. With this new blog series, we want to take you through this subject step-by-step and help you understand and apply this somewhat elusive concept of ‘capability’. We don’t want to start bombarding you with…

1 month, 28 days ago

Agile Enterprise Solution Architecture

Enterprise Architecture (EA) as an enterprise planning framework has its place and merits, yet it often falls short of real-world IT expectations. The traditional EA approach defines the to-be state architecture that may exist for a while but does not last long.

2 months, 4 days ago

“We are different! But are we really different?”

“Many stakeholders consider their organization as unique.” Depending on the level of abstraction you take as viewpoint, you can argue this statement is either right or wrong. It is interesting from an enterprise architecture perspective to understand why stakeholders stress this uniqueness and what are the benefits of understanding where the organization really is different…

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A diagram is worth a 1000 words.

A significant part of being an architect is effectively communicating your ideas to your stakeholders, making architectural diagrams more appealing is a key skill in this area. We all know it can be difficult sometimes to hit the right tone with our stakeholders, unfortunately they don’t all speak fluent ArchiMate. To make these conversations more…

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