14 days ago

Leadership Shock: Using Authenticity to Navigate the Hidden Dangers of Career Success – an Excerpt

(Editor’s Note: What follows is an excerpt from Leadership Shock: Using Authenticity to Navigate the Hidden Dangers of Career Success,  written by Pete Steinberg,a leadership and innovation expert with extensive experience consulting with top For…

19 days ago

Prominent Professor Discusses Digital Transformation, the Future of AI, Tesla, and More

In his research, M.S. Krishnan, Accenture Professor of Computer Information Systems and University of Michigan professor of technology and operations, explores how digital technology and artificial intelligence are shaping modern business practices. Bu…

2 months, 15 days ago

Thought Leaders Discuss How AI is Changing the Face of Education and the Workplace

Because Artificial Intelligence is transforming education and jobs, we need to understand and embrace AI and change how we prepare young people for college and the workplace, suggested speakers from multi billion dollar corporations and […]

8 years, 5 months ago

The game of enterprise-architecture

Given the parlous state of most current enterprise-architecture ‘education’, is there any way we could do it better? One option might be to reframe EA-education as a game. I don’t mean ‘gamification’ as per the asinine ‘boy-scout badges for enterprise-architects’

9 years, 14 days ago

Services and disservices – 2: Education example

Services serve the needs of someone. Disservices purport to serve the needs of someone, but don’t – sometimes through incompetence or failure in operation, sometimes through incompetence in service-design, and sometimes even by intent. And therein lie a huge range of problems