7 months, 28 days ago

VMware Customers: Brace For Impact

October 30, 2023 came and passed — the date that marked the end of Broadcom’s fiscal year and the promised close for its $61 billion VMware acquisition. In anticipation of that timing, VMware shareholders were given until October 23 to decide whether t…

8 months, 30 days ago

The Open Group to Host Summit on ‘Delivering a Secure and Sustainable Tomorrow’ in Houston

 The Open Group, the vendor-neutral technology standards organization, is hosting its upcoming event October 30 – November 2, 2023 in Houston, Texas. The event brings together experts, government officials, industry leaders, and experienced pract…

9 months, 7 days ago

Chief Architect Forum – Takeaways and Learnings for IT Architects

The recent Chief Architect Forum (CAF), a gathering of some of the world’s leading IT architects, was a rousing success for the global IT architect community. To learn more about what made this event so […]