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50 years ago Richard Montague invented his grammar that first enabled IT architecture first possible

Link: http://www.etc-architect.com/?p=767

1967 Richard Montague first voiced: “There is in my opinion no important theoretical difference between natural languages and the artificial languages of logicians; indeed, I consider it possible to comprehend the syntax and semantics of both kinds of language within a single natural and mathematically precise theory.” A few years later he than published his grammar only a few weeks before he was killed. While his death was the source of many novels and he is often used as a LGBT symbol together with Alan Turing, I would like to concentrate on his grammar. This grammar is basically the cornerstone on which all the artificial languages to explain IT and business architecture were built that did not follow the natural language. As such he truly one of the founding father.

The grammar was was hotly disputed by many linguists mainly those from the cognitive linguistics school that argued that language is both embodied and situated in a specific environment only. You sill have the same argument today on the cultural influence that is only represented in the native language pattern of the users. However a lot empirical tests conducted in the 70s and 80s have shown that all linguistics are prone to the same error rate in terms of misunderstanding and that to avoid misunderstandings it is important to cut out variants. However the same tests also clearly showed that translating or switching linguistics is the main source of problems, while explaining the  same in more than one language increases accuracy.

So when today we are using artificial languages such as a programming language and a model language it is important to understand that many modelling languages in parallel are a good thing, but translations from English to a modelling language such as UML and then switching to something like Javascript is a bad thing.

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