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2 Enterprise Architecture Jokes

1.   How many enterprise architects does it take to define “enterprise architecture”?

Answer: Well, that depends on what you mean by “enterprise architecture”.

(credit: Matthew De George [comic genius] – http://www.managewithoutthem.com/kno…

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Talking to customers of Enterprise Architecture services

Today, the wonderfully clever Kevin Smith of PEAF fame began a discussion in
the Australasian Architecture Network LinkedIn Group.

If I understood Kevin correctly, the general ideas of the discussion were
that EA practitioners should be looking at "taking the architecture
[conversation] up the food chain (out of project land and IT and into
management)." I broadly agree with the view that EA

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Enterprise Architecture as Business Capabilities Architecture

"Why do enterprise systems like SAP fail in some companies yet succeed in others? Clearly, the interrelationship between technology and process, skills and culture was not taken into account." Dana Bredmeyer in Enterprise Architecture as Business Capabilities Architecture http://www.bredemeyer.com/pdf_files/Presentations/EnterpriseArchitectureAsCapabilitiesArchSlides.PDF

I’ve posted this

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Enterprise Architecture’s Obsession with Efficiency

Jeff Scott recently wrote a great blog "Is the current EA paradigm right for business architecture?"


The comments section was full of erudite responses from several of the leading thinkers in EA. I’d like to pick up on two of the comments:

Tom Graves

"Most people seem to be obsessed by

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Sample Set: Enterprise Architect Interview Questions

I’m interviewing an enterprise architecture candidate today. His CV suggests that he is an enterprise IT solution architect so I am going to probe a bit and see if he understands architecture of the enterprise. Here’s some questions I have jotted down as a framework for my own thinking. I’m sharing it in case it is useful to anyone else out the in the #entarch community.

What does "enterprise

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Reasons that business may come asking for “Enterprise Architecture”

This article could also be entitled "Reasons business may come asking for help, where enterprise architecture thinking and techniques can be applied (without mentioning EA)"

At the start of 2010 I was working on developing the "Enterprise Architecture" service offering for a consulting firm in Australia. As I thought through the development of this capability I started by considering the demand

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Summary of the Business Architecture Working Group’s (BAWG) Nobel Prize Case Study

The Nobel Prize Case study workshop was conducted & presented at the Open Group Conference in Amsterdam (2010)The session was led by Harry Hendrickx – CTO at Hewlett Packard.It was an investigation into whether business architecture can be described using natural language rather than any form of modelling language that requires learned semantics (meaning).This post is my extract of the

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Adrian Grigoriu

Adrian Grigoriu’s Enterprise architecture framework definition. This is a extract of Adrian’s www.ebizq.net blog post "An Enterprise Architecture framework definition". It is a very enlightening post by Adrian at a time when it is (rightly or wrongly) quite fashionable to bemoan the use of frameworks. 

1. EA Process: the EA development process and Best Practices for:
EA team organization 

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The A-Z Guide to Being an Architect

"An A-Z Guide to Being an Architect" by Mark Bloodworth and Marc Holmes is a lighthearted article outlining a number of key attributes of architects. An extract is below. Is there any important attributes missing?
A is for Advocate
“I think you’ll find that you really don’t want to do it like that.”
See also: Abstraction, Agile, Acrobat, Availability, Analysis, Applications
B is for

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Highlights of Len Fehsken’s "Re-thinking Architecture

This link [http://is.gd/g55wp] is a very interesting read about the scope and nature of enterprise architecture that helps to clarify a very widely misunderstood (because it is still embryonic) discipline.

It was written by the Open Group’s Len Fehsken and is called "Re-thinking Architecture."

Highlights for me were:

"This discipline is young enough that the idea that we already have all the