9 years, 9 months ago

Managing transformation: principles or methodology first?

Having previously worked for a global tier-1 business/IT consulting firm, one of the practices I have taken pride in is the prevalence of “best practice” frameworks and methodologies for solving common problems. Doing enterprise transformation? Fine, let’s apply our architecture framework. In need of a different technology strategy? We have a nice digital strategy framework […]

9 years, 10 months ago

Call for Book Chapters: Beyond IT Strategy: Digital Strategies for the 21st Century

In the 21st century, the presence of technology is ubiquitous. Computers have moved from batch processing in the back-office through word processing in the front office to being the medium that glues together organisations, supply chains, and customers. Being digital across any channel and any device sits at the core of any winning business strategy. […]

9 years, 10 months ago

Is technology making the World too complex?

In this brilliant blog post at Aeon Magazine, the author explores the hypothesis that the technology that we have built is making the World too complex. As he puts it, “human ingenuity has created a world that the mind cannot master.” We have embedded complex systems – through science, information systems, and engineering excellence – […]

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9 years, 10 months ago


I just installed the newest version of WordPress. I am wondering how this is going to pan out. I switched back from Ghost as I was sick of writing markdown for everything.
Stay tuned.

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10 years, 3 days ago

Enabling SSH to a local VirtualBox guest on Mac

I am currently working on OpenBSD 5.5 (amd64) running in a virtual machine using VirtualBox on my Mac. After installing the guest machine, I expected being able to ssh to it via the IP assigned to the virtual network interface:

# ifconfig em0
inet netmask 0xff000000
 inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast

In my case I had configured the network adapter with NAT (Native Address Translation), which means that the host machine acts as DHCP server and router for the guest.
Hoping I could reach the guest via its IP in the NAT virtal network, I switched to the OS X terminal and did:

$ ssh aj@

… and no luck. Something is in the way.

It seems that, in order to ssh to a Virtualbox guest, you need to enable port forwarding between the host and the guest(s) you want to access. Open the VM settings > Network and select the network adapter (in my case Adapter 1). Create a new rule with the following attributes:

  • Name: SSH-host (or whatever you like)
  • Protocol: TCP
  • Host:
  • Host port: 2222 (this is the TCP port you will use on localhost to connect to the guest)
  • Guest IP:
  • Guest Port: 22 (this is the SSH TCP port)

Press OK and open a prompt on your host machine to connect to the VM:

# ssh localhost -p 2222
Last login: Wed Jun 11 19:56:32 2014 from
OpenBSD 5.5 (GENERIC.MP) #315: Wed Mar  5 09:37:46 MST 2014

The rule opens a TCP port (2222) on localhost of the host machine, which is then tunneled to any arbitrary port on the target machine (port 22). In order to enable easy to my VMs, I copy my public key across using ssh-copy-id:

$ ssh-copy-id localhost -p 2222 -l aj


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10 years, 1 month ago

One-liner for removing *ALL* ZFS snapshots

Desparately needed this one after tinkering with a ZFS rolling backup script:

sudo zfs list -H -o name -t snapshot | xargs -n1 zfs destroy

Note: This will remove ALL snapshots. Use at your own risk.

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10 years, 1 month ago

WeeChat — an interesting console based IRC client

I have been addicted to IRC ever since my first days as a mIRC scripter back in 1996-1997 and the true wonders of DALnet and DCC chat. After I jumped the Slackware Linux wagon in 1998 I was first introduced to X-Chat as the “one true IRC client”. Howev…

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10 years, 4 months ago

Running Ghost on FreeBSD 9.1 with MariaDB and nginx

I have recently spent some time on configuring Ghost on my FreeBSD server. For various technical reasons the default Ghost deployment model running on sqlite3 does not work on FreeBSD (I get some mysterious build errors when running npm install –produ…

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10 years, 4 months ago


Welcome to my new blog on jensenwaud.com powered by Ghost 0.4.0. It is a very exciting new piece of technology compared to my old Wordpress powered site. I can’t wait to start a new round of blogging on this page!

Best regards


PS: I still hav…

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10 years, 4 months ago

Welcome to Ghost

You’re live! Nice. We’ve put together a little post to introduce you to the Ghost editor and get you started. You can manage your content by signing in to the admin area at <your blog URL>/ghost/. When you arrive, you can select this post from a …