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How Senior Management Can Use Business Capability Maps To Make Better Investment Decisions

Today we live in a rapidly changing world. Senior management is faced with various change initiatives to improve the different functions of an enterprise. All of these change initiatives are backed by well-informed arguments and compete for budgets. Although strategic management has access to a vast amount of information and tools to support strategic, tactical,…

4 months, 19 days ago

Mapping the BIZBOK® Metamodel to the ArchiMate® Language

Since the foundation of the Business Architecture Guild a little over a decade ago, its Business Architecture Body of Knowledge (BIZBOK®), as expressed in the BIZBOK® Guide, has become a popular set of guidelines and techniques for practicing business architects. More recently, it has also defined its own metamodel, which you can read about in this whitepaper (published August…

5 months, 8 days ago

What are Business Capabilities & How to Identify them?

In the first instalment in this series, we gave an outline of the notion of ‘business capability’ and why it is so useful in strategy execution. But what exactly is this somewhat elusive concept and how do you define capabilities? As mentioned in that previous blog post, you need to understand and design what an…

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Improving Communication between Business and IT with Enterprise Architecture Information

Olga Lucia Salgado, a senior enterprise architect at a privately held manufacturing company, used to rely too much on Excel and SharePoint for enterprise architecture (EA) information. She and her team came to the conclusion that an EA tool was needed to help them mature and organize their information and analysis. After evaluating a number…

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“We are different! But are we really different?”

“Many stakeholders consider their organization as unique.” Depending on the level of abstraction you take as viewpoint, you can argue this statement is either right or wrong. It is interesting from an enterprise architecture perspective to understand why stakeholders stress this uniqueness and what are the benefits of understanding where the organization really is different…

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A diagram is worth a 1000 words.

A significant part of being an architect is effectively communicating your ideas to your stakeholders, making architectural diagrams more appealing is a key skill in this area. We all know it can be difficult sometimes to hit the right tone with our stakeholders, unfortunately they don’t all speak fluent ArchiMate. To make these conversations more…

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7 months, 14 days ago

7 Ways to Present Your Business Model

One of the main challenges of business model innovation and business model implementation is communication. We need to get the message to the right people, and communicate it in a way they understand, like, and can move forward with. In this blog post, we will describe different ways of communicating business models. 1. Business Model…

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8 months, 11 days ago

Revealed: The ‘agility gap’ preventing businesses from thriving post-COVID

The first annual BiZZdesign survey of enterprise architecture practitioners reveals an ‘agility gap’ between preparing for change and executing change. It must be closed if firms are to thrive. The COVID-19 pandemic forced change on businesses like never before. We’ve all seen or experienced the upheavals of switching to remote working overnight, moving whole business…

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8 months, 22 days ago

Enterprise Architecture and the COVID-19 Pandemic: South State Bank

It comes as a surprise when something as unlikely as a worldwide pandemic happens. It’s the sort of event that you may prepare for, but will likely never experience. Instead, you think, “Not in my lifetime,” or perhaps “Not where I live.” COVID-19, however, showed us that low probability of an event doesn’t mean its…

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Partner perspective

Partner perspective The BiZZdesign partner network extends the range and depth of industry expertise available to our customers. In this blog post, our UK partner, Edifit, explains how they have applied their experience as architecture practitioners to extend the document production capabilities of Enterprise Studio. Automating document generation from your architecture model Eddie Walker Good…

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Future Ideas: Harnessing Worldwide Innovative Power

The Future Ideas Worldwide Academic Competition is a great way for students and graduates to submit their innovative ideas to a large audience and have the opportunity to win mentorship from a great mind in their field of study. Its six themes provide a great breadth of subjects: Future of Business Future of Community Future of Health…

11 months, 6 days ago

Sell this to your boss: Enablement Architecture

A curious case of distrust Year after year, the field of enterprise architecture becomes more in tune with the evolving needs of organizations. Better connected to other change domains, more capable of delivering added value during an increasing list of business change scenarios, and so on. You can check all this out by looking at…

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