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Value generation, not technology installation, via my Tumblr

“Some CIOs, and many other IT professionals, act as if they believe that their jobs are finished when the technology is installed. The problem is that from the point of view of every other executive, the job is finished only when the business achieves the outcomes it wants and has paid for. When IT teams deliver only technology, what they deliver is perceived in the same terms, and not as value.”

Real Business of IT: How CIOs Create and Communicate Value by Richard Hunter, George Westerman
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12 years, 19 days ago

A Framework for Evaluating the Modern CIO – The CIO Report – WSJ

The WSJ has a new CIO Journal. The first few days were predictable, but this guest article by Irving WB has me looking forward to true CIO level content.

Try plotting your CIO and/or IT org in the 2 x 2 matrix that Wladawsky-Berger describes: Internal & Operational, Internal & Strategic, External & Operational, External & Strategic.

“To discuss something as complex as the evolving role of the CIO, I would like to offer a simple and hopefully comprehensive framework based primarily on my own experience working with CIOs over the past several decades, as well as on various excellent studies on the future of the CIO.

Two major dimensions stand out along which to develop such a framework. One dimension focuses on whether the activities are more operational versus strategic, that is, oriented more toward the near term or the longer term. The second dimension focuses on whether the activities are more internal versus external, that is, primarily aimed at supporting the business functions or at growing the business in the marketplace.

While each of these dimensions is more of a continuous spectrum than just two discrete roles, it is helpful to discuss each of the four roles resulting from such a 2 x 2 framework.”

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