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my path: towards technology infusion

“IT, or better said, the digital capability IT provides, is infused in every aspect of a business including process execution, customer interaction, employee and partner collaboration, knowledge discovery, information access, delivery, and flow.

In order to provide top tier digital capability, we need to abolish these artificial divides of business and IT, and focus on building organizational capabilities that combine business, technology and human elements.”

– me, on my soapbox last year.

Foundational for my personal (not client specific), work, writing, whatever form it takes.

7 years, 7 months ago

Don’t fret being misunderstood, Bezos on change via my Tumblr

Bezos has a different view — a long view. “Everything we’ve ever done people have said this. People said customer reviews were a bad idea, third-party selling is a bad idea, personalization is a bad idea,” and he does have a point. “In 1994, typing your credit card [info] on the internet is a bad idea. Every single thing that’s new is a bad idea.” And then Bezos repeats one his best rehearsed and most convincing soundbites. “Willingness to be misunderstood is one of our greatest strengths.”

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7 years, 7 months ago

Value generation, not technology installation, via my Tumblr

“Some CIOs, and many other IT professionals, act as if they believe that their jobs are finished when the technology is installed. The problem is that from the point of view of every other executive, the job is finished only when the business achieves the outcomes it wants and has paid for. When IT teams deliver only technology, what they deliver is perceived in the same terms, and not as value.”

Real Business of IT: How CIOs Create and Communicate Value by Richard Hunter, George Westerman
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