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Management, change and big data — active information

In my most recent active information post, I highlight management implications of effective big data usage, as articulated in HBR article by McAfee and Brynjolfsson.

An excerpt:

As investment in data analysis small, big, fast is worthless without a willingness to act, Im choosing to highlight McAfee and Brynjolfsson’s submission on Big Data: The Management Revolution.

After setting a context on Big Data volume, velocity, variety and showcasing tangible business results of Big Data PASSURs RightETA and Sears Holdings, McAfee and Brynjolfsson get to the heart of the matter:

“The technical challenges of using big data are very real. But the managerial challenges are even greater—starting with the role of the senior executive team.”

“One of the most critical aspects of big data is its impact on how decisions are made and who gets to make them.”

read the full post: Management in the Big Data era: Rethink or be Repl… – Input Output.

9 years, 8 months ago

Active Info: Software Architect lessons, Data-driven problem solving

My latest posts on Active Information. It’d be fair to say I’m more focused on raising ideas than hit counts.

Software Architect Lessons from Amazon’s DynamoDB

I took a bit of a tangent (shocking!) on the DynamoDB announcement, pulling lessons from Werner Vogels’ recounting of the DynamoDB genesis that every software architect should embrace.

More data, more collaboration, more power.

In another showing of me being me, I ferret out a counter intuitive idea on the human change of data-driven decision-making.

The official excerpt:

“When you think about the human resistance in adopting data-driven decision-making, or really any change, at the root is the me question. What is the impact on my job, my span of control, my future opportunities?”