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Framework for Success – Survey


Assessing the State of Enterprise Architecture in the Industry

Zachman International® and the FEAC Institute® would like your contribution to our body of knowledge on the current state of EA in the enterprise. Government, private industry all professional input is welcome. No private information is being collected so responses are completely private and anonymous.

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A Historical Look at Enterprise Architecture with John Zachman – An Interview with The Open Group



A Historical Look at Enterprise Architecture with John Zachman

An Open Group Blog

The following is copy of the Open Group’s interview tih John A. Zachman in prepraration for his tutorial on the synergy between The Zachman Framework™ and TOGAF® for The Open Goup – Enabling Boundaryless Information Flow Conference in San Diego – February 2-5, 2015.

By The Open Group

John Zachman’s Zachman Framework is widely recognized as the foundation and historical basis for Enterprise Architecture. On Tuesday, Feb. 3, during The Open Group’s San Diego 2015 event, Zachman will be giving the morning’s keynote address entitled “Zachman on the Zachman Framework and How it Complements TOGAF® and Other Frameworks.”

We recently spoke to Zachman in advance of the event about the origins of his framework, the state of Enterprise Architecture and the skills he believes EAs need today.

As a discipline, Enterprise Architecture is still fairly young. It began getting traction in the mid to late 1980s after John Zachman published an article describing a framework for information systems architectures in the IBM Systems Journal. Zachman said he lived to regret initially calling his framework “A Framework for Information Systems Architecture,” instead of “Enterprise Architecture” because the framework actually has nothing to do with information systems.