7 years, 22 days ago

Experts Sketch

I think best with a marker in my hand. Always have. My workspace, and all paths to and from it, are littered with box and line diagrams, doodles, code snippets, and my (at that moment) best idea ever, on any scrap of paper, notebook or whiteboard within reach. Quirky, my friends think. But, I’m far … Read more

7 years, 1 month ago

Lessons from Critical Making: Thingking

As technology and data increasingly pervade our everyday, technologists and teams are incorporating new practices, especially design thinking, as a means to deliver digital products, services and experience that fit. The person. The situation. The system. Teams responsible for these new digital endeavors and transformations often model their practices on elite technology companies, fast moving … Read more

7 years, 4 months ago

Archives: Making the case for polymaths

[Note: Originally published on my business technology blog, elemental links, March 2014.] Not everyone can be a specialist, and that’s a good thing. Four good sources on why we still need polymaths (generalists, versatility) in an age of increasing specialization, and complexity. For natural polymaths, check out the bonus link on Maya Angelou, and then … Read more