4 years, 9 days ago

Empathy And Disruption: Partnering Together For A Better Brand Experience

Perhaps it’s curiosity that fuels my excitement when discussions about disruption surface. Add empathy into the mix, and you’ve got my attention. This year’s Spredfast Summit intertwined the themes of disruption and empathy across 1.5 days, and I’ve provided a few action-oriented nuggets below just for you. A brand’s age is just a number — […]

4 years, 26 days ago

Inbound 2017: Bringing Sexy Back With Attention On The Individual!

This is the first Inbound (in the three I’ve attended) that focuses overwhelmingly on the power of the individual. Every conference has the typical product and tactical sessions, but this year, the sessions fell into three categories: improvement of the self; organizational momentum; and tactics. Inbound 2017 made it sexy to embrace this concept: If […]

4 years, 1 month ago

Go The Distance With Your Marketing – Understand Why Customers Use Social Media

Headlines such as “Your Instagram Posts May Hold Clues to Your Mental Health” and “One Social Network Ranked Worst for Young People’s Mental Health and Well-being” appear across marketing publications and the mainstream news. What makes social media so addictive and occasionally problematic? I partnered with Anjali Lai to write “Mine The Emotions Behind Your […]