9 years, 11 months ago

CMDB Deployment: Where to start? – Part 2

In part 1 of my blog I discussed how to select a CMDB and how to identifying the ITIL process to focus on first. Now that you have selected the tool and identified the process to start with, it’s time to start planning for the actual deployment. 

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10 years, 2 months ago

CMDB Deployment: Where to start? – Part 1

Your company has finally come to the conclusion that Configuration Management is critical to effective service based operations. You’ve now been tasked with finding and deploying a Configuration Management Database solution. The question now is, wher…

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10 years, 10 months ago

Why Configuration Management Is Not a Priority

If we can agree that Configuration Management is at the core of the service-centric IT universe, then why aren’t more companies jumping at the opportunity to implement the solutions required to properly facilitate it? While most companies profess…

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