8 months, 22 days ago

Final Public Post

I have been passionate about the acquisition of Knowledge it’s application and the processes behind making better decisions for as long as I can remember. My blog, The Knowledge Economy, I hoped would give me a platform to support others. … Continue reading

8 months, 24 days ago

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is an educational approach that emphasises learning through experience, reflection, and active participation. It is a hands-on, student-centered approach that aims to engage learners in real-world situations, where they can apply what they have learned in a meaningful … Continue reading

8 months, 27 days ago

Visual Learning

Visual learning is a powerful educational approach that emphasises the use of visual aids to enhance the learning process. This approach recognises that people have different learning styles and that some individuals learn better through visual cues, such as images, … Continue reading

9 months, 3 days ago


Unlearning is the process of letting go of old habits, beliefs, and assumptions that no longer serve us well. It involves questioning our deeply held beliefs and assumptions and being willing to change our minds and behaviours when presented with … Continue reading