9 years, 21 days ago

Executives who outsource too much

#entarch @Cybersal found a useful article in MIT Sloan Management Review What Happens When You Outsource Too Much? by Francesco Zirpoli and Markus C. Becker (December 2010).

In my view, the title of the article doesn’t do justice to the content. There…

9 years, 25 days ago

The Independence of EA

#entarch Following my blogpost on EA and the Big Picture, @carlhaggerty asked does it matter if EA disappears into a core C-Suite competency?

Clearly it matters to some people, especially those who have committed themselves and their careers to the id…

9 years, 27 days ago

EA and the Big Picture

#entarch Some people think that what uniquely characterizes enterprise architects is that they are the ones who “get the big picture”.

If this is true, it is because EAs have differently wired brains to the rest of humanity, or because their positi…

9 years, 1 month ago

Conceptual Architecture

Interesting article today about Andrew Zambelli, former aide to Mario Cuomo and now appointed aide to his son Andrew Cuomo, describing him as a “conceptual architect” [Capital New York, 14 December 2010]. He will be responsible for the oversight and st…

9 years, 1 month ago

Can Single Source of Truth work?

@tonyrcollins asks if any healthcare IT system can provide a Single Source of Truth (SSOT)? In his blog (13 December 2010), he discusses a press release claiming that an electronic healthcare record system from Cerner Millennium Solutions is a “single …

9 years, 1 month ago

Embedding Intelligence into a Business Capability

In some recent posts, I have talked about embedding different forms of intelligence in a business process. Intelligence may make the process more powerful, or it may merely make it more internally efficient. But in the examples I’ve looked at so far, t…

9 years, 1 month ago

Enterprise Architecture as Viable System

#entarch #ea2010 @uoaeao tweeted

“The most immediate and effective way to reduce costs is to use #entarch to stop or delay projects that are spending money.” My first thought was that using enterprise architecture for this purpose wasn’t likely to be…