9 days ago

Linear Thinking in EA

How do we model architecture?I’ve just received an invitation to an AEA Webinar with Len Fehskens – The Siren Song of Linear Thinking.  Unfortunately I’m unable to join this event, but it sounds very interesting – to what extent is the practice of enterprise architecture based around simple, linear models? From experience I would say that early generations…

3 months, 9 days ago

Information Obesity – keynote now on YouTube

I recently discovered a DVD with a 30-minute video of a keynote that I gave back in 2004 at the Online Information conference in Olympia, London – which is now added to my YouTube channel on Enterprise Architecture. I think the original argument still holds true: we are producing information faster than our capacity to use it:

3 months, 9 days ago

3 myths about information and IT

In this post I’d like to debunking three popular myths about information and information technology. Myth 1: The best way to improve the use of information is to invest in information technology. This is an expensive and time-consuming way to make improvements, but it is the route favoured by the technology vendors, big consultancies, and…

6 months, 17 days ago

The Pioneers of Enterprise Architecture

I’ve been involved with enterprise architecture since the early 1980s, so I think of myself as a second-generation architect. I learnt about enterprise architecture through a mixture of meeting other architects, reading widely around the subject and related disciplines, and, of course, through hard graft and experience. Nowadays there are many enterprise architects practising their art and science…

6 months, 21 days ago

How to become an Enterprise Architect

New online EA courseI’m frequently asked how does someone become an Enterprise Architect? A majority of these questions come from Solution Architects, so I’ve developed a new online course that answers the questions that solution architects ask about developing a career in enterprise architecture. The new course is now available along with two other courses. There are…

7 months, 4 days ago

Children In Need

Children our our future. We all need to give them the best possible start in life, and help them through troubled times and need. Children in Need makes such a big difference to so many children every year. If you know about their work, this is just a reminder of the good things that they are doing today; if…

8 months, 10 days ago

8 useful links for all Enterprise Architects

I’ve just been going back over some notes from the last six months. Here are some links that I have found particularly interesting or useful: 8 takeaways from IRM’s UK Enterprise Architecture Conference 2016 What makes an Enterprise Architect The End of EA and IT as we know it Ten practical ideas for organizing and managing your…

9 months, 2 days ago

Simplifying through organization – #56

I was reminded last week of the need to simplify through organization. A client had the usual EA documentation – masses and masses of diagrams, slides, documents – all in a glorious muddle. A simple classification scheme started to turn the mess into something more useful and reusable. Here is lesson #56 from 101 Lessons From…

10 months, 6 days ago

Thanks for all of your feedback!

Thanks for an incredible community in enterprise architectureIt’s always lovely when you get positive feedback for your work and contributions. I was deeply moved by a recent note from a course organiser, who wrote, “Thank you once again for running the perfect training program for our team. You are one of the few people who really knows why and…

10 months, 13 days ago

Roger Evernden – Enterprise Architect 2016-08-09 08:49:58

It’s always interesting to look at the agenda for EA conferences – it’s a good indicator of what architects are actually doing, and the type of concerns they are actually addressing. Here are some of the things that struck me when looking at the agenda for the forthcoming iCMG Architecture World summit, being held in Bangalore on…