11 years, 10 months ago

The Zachman Framework Requires ZERO Documentation

The Framework is the Ontology

I have no idea where people get the idea that the Zachman Framework requires any documentation at all.  The Zachman Framework is an ontology – the theory of the existence of essential components of an enterprise (actually, of anything) that warrant description in order to successfully create it, operate it or change it. Whether any or all of those components are described (documented, made explicit) is a function of a methodology and the choice of the Enterprise… not a requirement of the Framework

11 years, 11 months ago

“Implementing” the Zachman Framework™

In answer to a question about “implementing” the Zachman Framework … here is my response:

Remember … the Framework is much like the Periodic Table … you wouldn’t necessarily “implement” the Periodic Table.  However, it would be really helpful if you could keep an inventory of as many of the Periodic Table elements as you can so when you get ready to produce a compound, a chemical implementation, it could be done very quickly and very cheaply.  

Similarly, the Framework.

I always say … “Some day … SOMEDAY, you are going to wish you had all these models …. etc. etc.”  You don’t NEED all the models … however, the more, the better … but maybe it would be UTOPIA to have all the Framework Primitive, single-variable models, all made explicit, all enterprise-wide, all horizontally and vertically integrated and all at excruciating level of detail!  If you had them all in inventory, you could manufacture Composite implementations (systems) from the Primitive Models (architecture) VERY quickly and VERY cheaply!  That effectively would be “mass-customization” of the Enterprise (“custom Enterprises mass-produced in quantities of one for immediate delivery”) … the actual realization of “late-binding” of system implementations … not to mention an actually “lean and mean”, deliberately designed, Enterprise reality!

12 years, 2 months ago

Unfounded Reasons People Tell Me Why They Can’t Do Enterprise Architecture

I have been working in the area of Enterprise Architecture for 40 years and people have been telling me (and are still telling me) the reasons why they think it is impossible to do Enterprise Architecture.  I think I have distilled these reasons down to five basic objections.  Let me enumerate their objections before I explain why these objections exist and why they are completely unfounded.

12 years, 2 months ago

Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my blog!
I am very excited about the new developments in The Zachman Framework 3.0 and Zachman International! We have spent the last couple years “underground” refining our research, developing several new programs, forging new relationship…