9 years, 9 months ago

The QEXL Approach (Healthcare Biggest Data) – Universal Healthcare Interoperability based on Probabilistic Ontology

Conquering Uncertainties Creating Infinite Possibilities (Possible application :- Achieving Algorithmic Driven ACO) Acknowledgements :- Dr. Barry Robson notes and conversation; including Effort of Quantal Semantics Inc. Introduction The QEXL Approach is a Systems Thinking driven technique that has been designed with the intension of developing “Go To Market” solutions for Healthcare Big Data applications requiring integration […]

9 years, 11 months ago

Implicate Order – Probabilistic Ontology – Complexity Theory

For several years I have been probing Implicate Order as a way for modeling a system owing to the fact that all systems are probabilistically deterministic. Also, what is evident in a system is – in the method there exists Cartesian dilemma, This means the method used to study the macro behavior and the micro […]