1 month, 10 days ago

Why modelling helps in Security Architecture

I’ve undoubtedly said this many times, so but I thought I would express this again so that anyone can understand. Lets put this simply. I wont put much detail in this post. There are lots of approaches we can take do applying security architecture design but that’s not really the subject here. I am not […]

3 months, 15 days ago

How HackerOne Helps Ardoq Squash Bugs | Ardoq

Cybersecurity has to move quickly. Attackers only need seconds to find and exploit a vulnerability. As Forbes reported in 2021, a cybercriminal takes around 9.5 hours to obtain illegal access to a target’s network. Every minute a company fails…

2 years, 9 months ago

Models, assumptions, risks and consequences.

Expressing real life situations as mathematical models drive decisions on how to respond appropriately. Assumptions are not facts but do have a probability of occurring. Confidence in a model is an important factor of both the likelihood of the assumptions being correct and the quality and quantity of the data … Continue reading

4 years, 8 months ago

Risk Tech, Reg Tech – All The 2018 Tech

We recently published our Risk And Compliance Tech Tide report outlining 14 core technologies to track in 2018. One of the challenging parts of this research is setting the right scope. We found risk and compliance technology everywhere, covering every…