4 years, 5 months ago

Assemblage and Plottage

John Reilly of @RealTown explains the terms Assemblage and Plottage.Assemblage is the process of joining several parcels to form a larger parcel; the resulting increase in value is called plottage.If we apply these definitions to real estate, which app…

10 years, 11 months ago

Achieving Universal Healthcare Interoperability by Algebra instead of System Integration – Solving Uncertainties in Large Complex System

For discussion on algebra behind Universal healthcare Interoperability :- Discussion by Dr. Barry Robson who has pioneered in computational biology; developed Quantitative Semantic Algebra to realize Probabilistic Ontology to solve large systems riddled by complexity and afflicted by uncertainties. http://www.linkedin.com/groupAnswers?viewQuestionAndAnswers=&discussionID=242195622&gid=3105178&commentID=138621684&goback=%2Eanp_3105178_1369067682268_1%2Eamf_3105178_69634045&trk=NUS_DISC_Q-subject&_mSplash=1 Difference between Algebra vs Arithmetic  Algebra vs Arithmetic On Tom Munnecke’s blog discussion Dear Chuck […]