10 years, 11 months ago

Enterprise Architecture driving Private Cloud adoption by U.S. Federal Government

Despite all the incumbent benefits offered to businesses that own and operate their own Private Cloud, adoption rates since its emergence have been slower than anticipated, especially across Government organisations. This is largely the result of repeated reports from experts warning against the associated security risks that come from placing sensitive data in cyber space. … Read more

10 years, 11 months ago

Achieving Universal Healthcare Interoperability by Algebra instead of System Integration – Solving Uncertainties in Large Complex System

For discussion on algebra behind Universal healthcare Interoperability :- Discussion by Dr. Barry Robson who has pioneered in computational biology; developed Quantitative Semantic Algebra to realize Probabilistic Ontology to solve large systems riddled by complexity and afflicted by uncertainties. http://www.linkedin.com/groupAnswers?viewQuestionAndAnswers=&discussionID=242195622&gid=3105178&commentID=138621684&goback=%2Eanp_3105178_1369067682268_1%2Eamf_3105178_69634045&trk=NUS_DISC_Q-subject&_mSplash=1 Difference between Algebra vs Arithmetic  Algebra vs Arithmetic On Tom Munnecke’s blog discussion Dear Chuck […]

11 years, 6 months ago

Invention (Innovation) Not Strategy Creates Renaissance – Moving from Darwinian Adaptive to Generative Transformation

Invention (Innovation), Not Strategy Creates Renaissance. Most Darwinian concepts does not engender to developing creativity, and so to innovation. Instead it is about strategy for developing dominant position, this is not a sustainable model as history has shown. Instead, Enterprise Architects should begin reinforcing energy into lost opportunities in innovation and explore to create newer […]

14 years, 2 months ago

Have Fed Agencies abandoned creating “Enterprise Transition Plan” ? ETP is challenging for the OCIO

Checkout following two plans below. And, contrast and compare them. Conceiving a coherent modernization plan and executing them has always been a challenge for OCIO. Enterprise Transition Plans generally documents the visions, goals, capabilities at th…

14 years, 2 months ago

Distortions leads to Cancerous Growth within Enterprise

Programmed Cell Death is very important function to understand to gain insight into the way Transformation need to occur. When distortions occur in Enterprise Engineering, then this leads into obvious cancerous growth, which does not have easy remedy. …