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Single Point of Failure (Comms)

Large business-critical systems can be brought down by power failure. My previous post looked at Airlines. This time we turn our attention to Telecommunications.

If someone said you had to accept an unreliable electricity supply as the price of innovation in appliances, you’d laugh. #NotNeutrality

— Martin Geddes (@martingeddes) August 8, 2016

More misery for BT broadband users after new power cut. Looks like ‘no single point of failure’ is an alien concept. https://t.co/mOobFidWe4

— Chris Tripp (@ChrisJTripp) July 21, 2016

It would be interesting to know where the single point of failure was in their power protection plan. https://t.co/zuaTm1z4tK

— Robin Koffler MBA (@robin_koffler) July 21, 2016

2G and 3G data services from @EE are down after a power outage. Details: https://t.co/zEJFpgpl4n pic.twitter.com/vcUOkPVtet

— The Register (@TheRegister) September 2, 2016

Obviously a power cut is not the only possible cause of business problems. Another single-point of failure could be a single rogue employee.

That shows that management should look at automating network. Since Network is single point of failure. https://t.co/ND5UXtNntj

— Anurag Kaushik (@kaushikanuk) August 3, 2016

Gavin Clarke, Telecity’s engineers to spend SECOND night fixing web hub power outage (The Register, 18 November 2015)

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