10 years, 4 months ago

Watching Events

It seems that when thinking about events, we have a tendency to put some of the responsibilities in the wrong place. Of course every time we don’t have a proper separation of responsibilities, we get extra complexity. So in this post I will look at som…

11 years, 13 days ago

Why Getting Past “But…” is Important

You’ve probably read Getting to Yes and heard of Getting Past No, so why Getting Past “But”? Well, because “but…” is insidious, making it harder to get past than an outright “no.” The person who says “yes, but…” is ostensibly aligning with you. Ostensibly agreeing but for this teensy caveat—this objection that is a showstopper! […]

11 years, 1 month ago

Scaling Agile with VAP: Getting Past “But…”

Our Getting Past “But…” executive report covers two essential areas:

innovation, the circles of innovation model, the innovation process, and what all this means for architects.

scaling agile development projects with VAP (emphasizing just enough design upfront or JEDUF).

These map roughly to the first and second halves of the report, though we encourage those interested […]

11 years, 11 months ago

Conway’s Law

The Wikipedia community describes Conway’s Law like this; I paraphrase it like this: if the architecture of the system and the architecture of the organization are at odds, the architecture of the organization wins. The organizational divides are going to drive the true seams in the system.
The architecture of the system gets cemented in the […]