8 years, 6 months ago

DATA Act IT Infrastructure – Platform Consolidation, Virtualization & Collaborative Governance as Change Enablers

Momentum and activity regarding the Data Act is gathering steam, and off to a great start. Reaching the 2017/2018 milestones, however, will require IT infrastructure change.
Some change may be simple or take advantage of existing modernization
efforts; much change will be very difficult, complex and/or costly.
Strategies to prepare for this change, and catalyze it, are not yet part
of the government-led discussion – but they are now part of the
industry-led discussion, per this new Executive Report from ACT-IAC, co-authored by Oracle: “The DATA Act – IT Infrastructure Guidance Change Facilitation for IT Departments”.

12 years, 6 months ago

Basics of consolidation

Nothing new, just a reminder of how-to… There is perhaps nothing new in this post, still it may remind us of the fact that continuous improvement cycles should not stop. Five basic codes of conduct when doing consolidation Be inclusive – As you take inventory gather as much data as possible. Don’t be hampered by […]