12 years, 4 months ago

Building a BYOD Ready Infrastructure

What can the process of protecting a prized baseball card collection teach us about BYOD security? Let me explain. A few years ago, my sons and I got hooked regularly visiting a sports collectables store. These days, collecting sports cards is not just about completing team sets or collecting your favorite players.  Now, its about trying to find the rarest cards in perfect condition – sometimes these cards even have a piece of a jersey […]

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12 years, 6 months ago

Outside-In IT: A Preview of PwC’s Digital IQ Results

Only a few years ago corporations issued corporate-sanctioned devices to employees like the army issues uniforms to new recruits. They sourced them, dispensed them and controlled how they were used. They also called the shots in how they communicated with customers. Back in the day, corporations were in charge inside and outside the firewall. That was then and this is now. Innovation Infiltrating the Enterprise We’re in a new era, the consumerization of IT–defined as […]

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