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5 Steps to Connect EA to Strategy (a Very Short Summary!)

Many enterprise architecture (EA) teams struggle with creating a program that demonstrates the level of strategic value that they believe EA should have. Even after following all the advice in frameworks and online articles, chief architects and CIOs still struggle as EA programs fail to reach their potential as an influencer of strategy execution across Read more

1 year, 6 days ago

Architexit: Brexit for Enterprise Architects

My most recent research on gartner.com (“Architexit: What Enterprise Architects Must Do in the Face of Brexit“) highlights how enterprise architects can help business and IT leaders plan, manage, and engage with disruptive forces; more specifically, it’s about Brexit. Forecasting the impact on existing assets, in-flight or planned projects in the face of Brexit will […]

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3 years, 2 days ago

7 Creative IT Effectiveness Ideas

For as long as I’ve been working with companies to get more out of their IT investments, we have used the term “IT Effectiveness.” The approaches for helping IT organizations get the most out of what they do have been studied and applied by many leaders and consultants for a long time.  Some refer to this discussion as “doing more with less” but I’ve argued that it’s more about doing the most important things with […]

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5 Behaviors of Digital Performance

In our 2014 Digital IQ survey of almost 1,500 business and technology executives, only 20% of respondents are highly confident in their organization’s Digital IQ—a company’s acumen in understanding, valuing and weaving technology throughout the enterprise. How can a company raise its Digital IQ and harness the full power of technology to advance their business performance? Top performers—companies that reside in the top quartile for revenue growth, profitability, and innovation—point the way. We analyzed the […]

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6 Signs You Need a New IT Strategy

Guest post by Mike Pearl IT departments face crushing pressure from every direction to transform IT to meet the daunting demands of the digital age.  If you feel yourself asking questions related to IT’s role, better working relationships with Marketing, and how to capitalize on the firehose of emerging technologies, it is likely time for a new IT strategy. IT must institute massive change on multiple fronts: deepen and reshape business relationships, overhaul IT skills, […]