11 days ago

Cohesion Forces and Tools

This article is part of the series on Autonomy and Cohesion. It is the second part of the basic overview of the balance. If you haven’t read the previous part, I’d recommend doing so before reading further. Cohesion forces Liquids and solids are in those states because there are cohesion forces bonding the molecules together. The main […]

23 days ago

Autonomy and Cohesion

The viability and welfare of socio-technical systems depend on their ability to balance autonomy and cohesion. Is that true for other systems? Yes, it is remarkably universal. It works for biological systems like bacteria or elephants and social systems like packs of wolves, termites or beehives. However, this series focuses on socio-technical systems such as […]

1 month, 9 days ago

Requisite Hypocrisy

The city is charged with tension and a sense of urgency. After years of oppression, people’s frustration has reached its boiling point. The streets are flooded with bodies, united in their demand for equality. As you navigate through the crowd, you are just one among the countless anonymous faces. Only those next to you can […]

2 months, 13 days ago

Link & Think

This blog started in January 2011. That was 13 years ago. Many readers assured me the content was valuable and has aged well. To help new readers find their way, today I published a short Reader Guide to the blog.
It’s time to experiment with new…

7 months ago

PKM Tools (Part 1): The Explosion

When the virus hit the planet, it induced other parallel pandemics. They did not spread through the air and did not require physical proximity. They spread online. Some were conspiracy theories, of which a good part related to the virus itself. Others were political propaganda, already successful but now more than ever, seizing the opportunity […]

1 year, 7 months ago

What’s wrong with…?

We see patterns, create patterns, and think in patterns. Looking back at what I’ve written through the years in this blog, I see a macro pattern I can call, for the lack of a better name, the “What’s wrong with…” pattern. The object is usually some common practice or a discipline that has established certain […]

1 year, 8 months ago

Data-centric project requirements?

Several times this week, in different circumstances, I was asked a question having these three words close together. That’s not new. It happened previously. But this concentration triggered the write-up that follows. Nothing original and neither is the reason to write it: Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But since no […]

2 years, 5 months ago

Roaming through contexts with Roam: Organization

There are such kinds of tools which, when you interact with them, an organization emerges that modulates the interaction. That organization takes on a life of its own. The design and affordances of some tools for thought enable the emergence, persistence and adaptability of such an organization. This is the fourth out of five posts […]