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A decadesworth of consumer technology.

1991 i did not keep a television for the twelve years i spent living alone, preferring books and music to the ghastly and limited broadcast offerings of the 1990s. 2003 When we first started living together, my wife-to-be produced her elderly SONY Trinitron television, a cubic-metre of black plastic shrouding a buzzy, hot, squealing cathode-ray […]

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Luddite, and proud

I’m an enterprise-architect, deeply engaged in every aspect of technology and more. Which means that at times, yes, I’m also an active Luddite – and proud of it, too. Luddites? Aren’t they those crazy technophobes who go around smashing machines because they’re

2 years, 7 months ago

On Women in Computing

Its 2014. Why are we still debating about equal pay for women in the workplace? And specifically in IT-related fields? It is downright ironic if you ask me given the contributions of the following two women in the profession: Ada Lovelace from the 19th century who worked on Babbage’s early “computer”. Eventually, a programming language, […]

2 years, 8 months ago

Moore’s Law Deemed Hazardous

The advent of digital computers has brought a seemingly unending supply of innovations. Broadband communication to our homes and portable computers ranging from laptops to pocket-sized computers (aka, smartphones) make working anywhere 24/7 viable. This innovation also makes petabytes worth of cat videos available to most of the planet, but that is a topic for […]

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3 Ways Technology is Transforming Care Management

Guest blog by James Selden It’s no secret that the current healthcare system isn’t working. Though well-intentioned, the original model was not built for today’s complex healthcare environment where fragmentation and integration co-exist (see New Health Economy). Private practice physicians proliferated. As a result, the centralized communication needed to deliver a holistic perspective of the patient’s care that would have managed rising costs, improved patient utilization and provided optional health outcomes was never met. While […]

3 years, 2 months ago

Countering Fraud with Big Data Analytics

OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT FIGURES are underestimating the cost of fraud to the NHS by a factor of 20. A former counter-fraud detector Jim Gee claims that fraud is costing the NHS £5bn a year. It is also alleged that hundreds of millions are being wasted every year due to financial errors. The government disputes the figures […]

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