3 months, 17 days ago

Enterprise and Solutions Architecture: Dichotomy or Continuum?

Based on job descriptions posted on recruiting websites, it is…

5 months, 20 days ago

Memorisation: the deep problem of Midjourney, ChatGPT, and friends

If we ask GPT to get us “that poem that compares the loved one to a summer’s day” we want it to produce the actual Shakespeare Sonnet 18, not some confabulation. And it does. It has memorised this part of the training data. This is both sought-after an…

2 years, 5 months ago

Where am I? How we got here?

I received two important books for Christmas this year. Jeanette Winterson, 12 Bytes – How we got here, where we might go next (Jonathan Cape, 2021)Bruno Latour, After lockdown – A metamorphosis (trans Julie Rose, Polity Press, 2021)Here are my first i…

2 years, 11 months ago

The Open Group Open Footprint™ Forum Global Event Highlights Blog

Last week, The Open Group Open Footprint™ Forum (OFP) held its first virtual event, June 23-24, 2021. It brought together experts from across the globe to introduce and demonstrate the work that has gone into the Forum since it launched in August 2020. Speakers, from a plethora of industry leading organizations such as Accenture, AWS, Deloitte, ERM, IBM, Infosys, Shell, WBCSD, and Wipro hosted sessions outlining the mission of the Open Footprint Forum, explanations of the Open Footprint Data Platform, as well as live demonstrations of the Platform to show its applicability to all industries.