6 months, 23 days ago

Memorisation: the deep problem of Midjourney, ChatGPT, and friends

If we ask GPT to get us “that poem that compares the loved one to a summer’s day” we want it to produce the actual Shakespeare Sonnet 18, not some confabulation. And it does. It has memorised this part of the training data. This is both sought-after an…

7 months, 3 days ago

What makes Ilya Sutskever believe that superhuman AI is a natural extension of Large Language Models?

I came across a 2 minute video where Ilya Sutskever — OpenAI’s chief scientist — explains why he thinks current ‘token-prediction’ large language models will be able to become superhuman intelligences. How? Just ask them to act like one.

7 months, 22 days ago

Artificial General Intelligence is Nigh! Rejoice! Be very afraid!

Should we be hopeful or scared about imminent machines that are as intelligent or more than humans? Surprisingly, this debate is even older than computers, and from the mathematician Ada Lovelace comes an interesting observation that is as valid now as…

8 months, 17 days ago

The hidden meaning of the errors of ChatGPT (and friends)

We should stop labelling the wrong results of ChatGPT and friends (the ‘hallucinations’) as ‘errors’. Even Sam Altman — CEO of OpenAI — agrees, they are more ‘features’ than ‘bugs’ he has said. But why is that? And why should we not call them errors?

8 months, 26 days ago

The Truth about ChatGPT and Friends — understand what it really does and what that means

On 10 October I gave an (enthusiastically received) explainer talk at the EABPM Conference Europe 2023, making clear what ChatGPT and friends actually do — addressing the technology in a non-technical but correct way — and what that means. That present…