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Enterprise Architecture is highly scalable – A case study of a tiny organisation.

I’ve now been practising enterprise architecture for over 20 years….

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Next Generation of EAs

Recently I was asked by Oracle’s architecture community manager about the next generation of EAs. The topic was centered around where future architects should focus their energy. Since the original article can only share a small snipet of my thoughts I’ve added the remainder below. The next generation of EA would do well to spend […]

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On Complexity

I’m not convinced all complexity is bad. There are complex elements in our lives that enrich us. I’m reminded of the first few times I tasted Thai or Indian cuisine when my mouth was alive with a myriad of flavors coming from multiple directions. Just the curry alone consists of eleven different spices hand-tuned to […]

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Why Metamodels Matter

In the process of evolving a business the question of scope arises in my mind often. If I don’t have a boundary to work within, I can get distracted and the project can go sideways. With business design projects that leverage enterprise architecture (EA) the frameworks often supply a metamodel. I believe it is a […]

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Why CX Matters to EA

Designing the experience for customers is increasing important in a noisy, saturated world. There seems to be no end of choices for food, technology, or services that are presented to us each day. What are the key differentiators that drive us to one versus the other? Typically its cost. Many years ago on a much […]

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The Relative Value of EA Frameworks

When it comes to frameworks supporting business planning, software development, or other activities – I’m a fan. I like organization. I regularly use GTD with Omnifocus on three devices to keep my personal chaos in order. I’m a proponent of developing explicitly work breakdown structures (WBS) for any enterprise architecture (EA) work I’m about to […]

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The Simplest metamodel in the world ever!

No need to thank me, don’t worry this metamodel will be released under GPL. You can refer to it as ‘The Thing MetaModel’.

Some thoughts:

1) Some of the most effective architecture diagrams I’ve seen have been created using powerpoint objects

2) The stakeholder community that either understands or cares about the difference between modelling an object as a platform service/information system service/logical technology/application component/physical technology/application component is so small and the semantic impact so tiny that its not something you should worry about if you wish to be efficient and effective.

3) Effective and efficient Enterprise Architects should Nevermind the metabollocks and focus on delivering tangible value into the organisations with which they work by focusing on communicating effectively with stakeholders. Communicating effectively with stakeholders is not predicated on successfully navigating a metamodel. Your stakeholders don’t give a fuck about a metamodel.

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Gordian knot, butterfly effect:Organizations are a study in complexity

Business is complex.  Gone are the years of simplicity in business operations.  Exponential growth and change in regulations, globalization, distributed operations, changing processes, competitive velocity, business relationships, disruptive technology, legacy technology, and business data encumbers organizations of all sizes. Business … Continue reading